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Bishop in the Homes of Deacons

His Excellency Bishop George Rajendran sdb had a special experience as he visited the homes of the two Deacons to be ordained shortly to thank the parents and family members for offering their members for the services of the Catholic Church and the Diocese. The Bishop was accompanied by Rev. Fr Joshy Kulathumkal, Rector of the Seminary. They visited the families of Deacon M. Mahesh on 4 March 2022 and that of Deacon Josemon Paul on 12 March 2022. It was indeed a unique and happy experience for the family members to receive the Bishop and the Rector of the Seminary to their home. Our Bishop expressed his joy to meet the family members and he thanked them for their generous support of the mission of the Church and for partnering in the spreading of the Gospel. He urged them to continue to pray for them and the success of their future ministry. He expressed his joy in praying together with them on the days of their ordination.