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Thuckalay Catholic Youth Movement (TCYM)


 "To be the salt and light of the World"

Director Rev. Fr. Joseph Santhosh
Animator Rev. Sr. Sherin CMC
Heavenly Patron St. Thomas Moore
Patron Most Rev. Mar George Rajendran SDB
Co-Patron Very.Rev. Thomas Powathuparampil

General Executives        

President Jesin J Joseph
Deputy President    Sheeji Mol
Vice President Mahesh
Secretary Ananthi
Joint Secretary Merin Sujith
Treasurer Ajiesh
Councilor Starvin
Councilor Jenisha
Councilor Anisha V
Councilor Robin
Councilor Kanukka
Councilor Vincil Tazi


Strengthen the youth in faith.
Spiritual renewal of youth in the path of Christian discipline.
Lead a Sacramental life.
Social commitment.


Thuckalay Catholic Youth Movement, in short called TCYM is the movement for the catholic Youth of the Diocese of Thuckalay. Young people are often key actors in powerful social movements that transform the course of human history. Indeed, youth have been deeply important to every progressive social movement.

Youth participation in social movements can provide us with important insights. Young people can be powerful agents of social change. Many young people have the desire and capacity to transform the world, and are looking for opportunities to do so. In fact, youth have been key actors in nearly every major social movement in modern history. During the U.S. Civil Rights movement, Claudette Colvin was just 15 when she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery Bus to a white person (nine months before Rosa Parks). Young Civil Rights activists like Diane Nash developed new tactics like the Freedom Rides, and built powerful movement organizations such as the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

General History

Thuckalay Catholic Youth Movement, in short called TCYM is the movement for the catholic Youth of the Diocese of Thuckalay. After having prepared the youth of this diocese through seminars and other awareness programmes during the past five years, the youth movement in the diocese is raised to the level of an organization under the name of Thuckalay Catholic Youth Movement. The Foundation of the TCYM was effectively sanctioned by His Most Excellency Rev. Mar George Alencherry on 3rd July 2002. Rev. Fr. Yesudas Cheerapally was appointed Director of TCYM with effect from same date. The Diocese of Thuckalay is area of functioning. 18 to 30 years of aged unmarried youth are the members of this movement.    

Date Of Foundation

The Foundation of the TCYM is effective from 3rd July 2002.


 "The main aim is to make shine the youth in the path of Christ who is the light of the world."


1.     Spiritual formation

Giving practice to activate the truths of faith in day today life and affirming the youth's society in the Christian faith. Giving practice to obey the Christian faith and create spiritual thirst through the prayer life. Helping the youth to involve in all ceremonies held the Church and making to be the witness to the Gospel of Christ. Giving special coaching to organize themselves Prayer Services, Retreats and Biblical courses which could create awareness among the Parishners.

2.     Intellectual formation

Developing the skills in science and technological departments and giving ears to hear the values of Church which should be followed in our life as well as encouraged others to follow the Church Faith. Creating the opportunity to develop the hidden potentialities of the youth, seminars, counseling courses and educational tours have to be arranged. Arranging Library and Study Hall where we could get all kinds of Religious articles and educational Books.

3.     Social Formation

To create a new society, Encourage and Help the youth to know the real situation of the society, to fight against all kinds of social injustice and to give prominent shape for the Christian faith. Creating job opportunity by utilizing the modern techniques and innovative ideas in the field of industry. Knowing the benefits that are provided by the government and the Church has to be carried out to the right persons. Well Foundation plan for the development of the oppressed and downtrodden in the society

General Programme

Youth Camp, Youth Retreat, Youth Mass, Youth Fest, Youth Leadership Training, Personality Development Training, Youth Animation, Carrier and Job Placement, Job Mela, Workshops, Seminars, Guidance, English & Communication Skills, Rally, Prayer Meeting, Awareness  Programmes, Seminars and Workshops for Students, Teachers, Professionals and etc...,