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The HOME MISSION introduced in the Diocese during the Year of Faith is now in its second year.It is meant to effect a spiritual renewal of the Family,Parish and Diocese.The celebration of Home Mission has prepared us for the Year of the Family that the Church has declared this year.Reverend Sisters in groups visit all the Catholic families according to the Parishes. Prior to their visit,the Sisters prepare the Parishioners through prayer and fasting in order to receive the gifts of the Spirit.The Sisters then visit the families and listen to the people,pray with them and teach them Bible and Church related documents .The families welcome them and they appreciate the initiatives taken by the Sisters.Already the Sisters have covered a number of Parishes.Regular attendance at Holy Eucharist,frequent reception of Holy Communion,better relationships in the families and active participation in the Parish activities are some of the fruits of HOME MISSION.

In these Parishes HOME MISSION Done:

1. Arukani
2. Netta
3. Pathukani
4. Penu
5. Anamugham
6. Mezhakode
7. Marappady
8. Padanthalumoodu
9. Thettiode
10. Palughal
11. Kunuvilai
12. Chennivilai
13. Christurajapuram
14. Annikkarai
15. Kazhuvanthittai
16. Karode
17. Varuthattu
18. Thettivilai
19. Manjalummodu
20. Manchirai
21. Nithiravilai