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Protosyncellus Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Powathuparambil
Chancellor Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Sathyanesan
Finance Officer Very Rev. Fr. Johnsilal Arackaparambil
Eparchial Consultors Very Rev. Fr. Mathew Thekkekutt
Very Rev. Fr. M. Christudas
Eparchial Finance Council Very Rev. Fr. Johnsilal Arackaparambil
Very Rev. Fr. M. Christudas
Rev. Fr. John Thekkel
Rev. Fr. Geo Chuzhikunnel
Rev. Fr. Chacko Basil CMI
Mr. G. Muthayyan
Mr. K. Sukumaran
Mr. Felix Mathew
Judicial Vicar Rev. Dr. Thomas Sathyanesan
Defender of Bond and Promoter of Justice Rev. Fr. Joseph Santhosh
Notary Rev. Fr. Joshy Kulathunkal



At the inception of the diocese there were only 27 priests working in the diocese. Gradually more priests joined us and there are now altogether 60 priests working in the different missionary and pastoral responsibilities of the diocese. Among them twenty five priests are incardinated to the diocese. Others are priests from other dioceses or different religious congregations, serving the diocese on a term basis.

As the number of priests is so limited we have not yet instituted the presbyteral council for the diocese. Instead the whole presbyterium is consulted on matters that are to be subjected to the consultation of the presbyteral council as per the law of the church. This consultation is done usually during the meetings of the priests for monthly recollection.


The Third Pastoral Council of the diocese was formed on October 31, 2009 with 55 members of whom are lay persons. The Pastoral Council as a rule meets three times a year and also on occasions of urgency.

Membership : Protosyncellus, Finance Officer, Chancellor, Minor Seminary Rector, Protopresbyters, Director of Catechesis, Director of Diocesan Social Service, Director of Diocesan Mission League, Director of Public Relations, Superior of Shenkottai Mission and Director of Kanyakumari Catholic Students League.

Representatives of the Presbyterium and Representatives of the Religious Congregations,

Six lay representatives elected from each protopresbyterate.

One representative each elected from the headmasters, teachers and non-teaching staff of the various schools of the diocese.

One representative nominated from the catechism teachers of the diocese.

Experts nominated by the Bishop.


From the year 2000 onwards we have instituted the parish councils in our churches according to the particular law of the Syro-Malabar Church. In every parish there are two bodies of the parish council namely Pothumantram and the Prathinithimantram. In two years time this administrative system has been introduced in almost all the parishes of the diocese except a few conducted by the CMI Fathers. The functioning of the parish council has enhanced the cooperation of the faithful in the pastoral and missionary activities of the diocese.


Diocesan Bulletin Irai Arul : Chief Editor: Rev. Fr. Joseph Santhosh