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The most important celebration of our faith is the celebration of the Holy Qurbana. All our learning, prayers, celebrations and blessings are oriented to and derived from the Holy Qurbana. The fundamentals of catechesis; teaching, formation and transformation, find their realization in the liturgy. What is taught in the classes should form the life so that it shall be transformed according to the Gospel principles. Liturgy, especially the celebration of Holy Qurbana where Christ's teaching is carried out through the Word of God, prayers and hymns, give formation to the faithful so that they may be transformed as His true disciples. So liturgy is catechesis in action. If liturgy is not illumined by proper catechism, it will be empty and meaningless action. At the same time if catechesis is not directed to active liturgical life, it will be merely an intellectual process. What should we aim is a liturgical catechism. Therefore proper emphasis should be given to liturgical formation so that participants can encounter and experience Jesus during its celebration.