Bishop's Messages
Christmas Preparation
Christmas is fast approaching! The season of Annunciation has just begun. The birth of Jesus is at hand! On 1 December we begin the 25 days fast. It is a time for looking both backward and forward. W   Read More...
Annual Exams are over for many of our children and vacation is here. It is time for Vacation Bible School. Vacation is a time the children are given to relax, refresh, and restart their academic dutie   Read More...
Easter Greeting-Christ Our Hope of Rising from the Dead
A Very Happy Easter and Blessings of the Risen Lord! Jesus is risen from the dead! This is the truth we celebrate during Easter because, we believe in it. We are actually celebrating the crux of our   Read More...
Bishop Message
Wilderness is not a place where one settles down to live. You may travel through wilderness but you cannot and must not continue to live there. There you may wander through but it is not your destiny.   Read More...
Wednesday January 17,2018
Season of Epiphany
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